If you are inspired by our mission to accelerate change for women (and the world), we need you to join us! Here are 4 practical ways to support Change for Women:

1. Send your love.
Every single day, our non-profit partners are busy working, saving, hoping, believing, loving, and uplifting women and girls in the far reaches of the world. Every ounce of love and support you can send their way is critical.

2. Tell your friends.
Information is power. Even for those who believe women’s equality is not an issue that concerns them, the truth about what’s happening to women and children in many countries (including the U.S.) is often shocking. The situation for women is quite real and affects all of us. Use any of the hashtags on this page to get the word out, join a campaign, or start your own movement in your local community.

3. Make a conscious purchase.
Let’s celebrate life and women together! After all, you couldn’t have one without the other. Make a purchase from a Change for Women partner to fund an initiative you’re passionate about.

4. Give Freely.
Check out what our changemakers are up to and donate directly to the organization that speaks to you. Be the change by joining their social community using their hashtag.

Our Collective Team (partners/brands)

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We invite you to use your platform and your voice to support the biggest challenge in our world today: changing the status quo for women everywhere.

Join us as a Change for Women collective partner by reaching out to contact@changeforwomen.org.

To work in the most effective way possible, each collective member has taken a pledge to give back to one or more of the organizations supported by our shared vision of a healthier future for women, children, and all of humanity.