We believe every person is entitled to make informed decisions about their body, their health, and their life.

Unfortunately, policies that leave women behind are common, even among the wealthiest nations.

The recent reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy restricts access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, including HIV/STD prevention and care, family planning and counseling, as well as other critical health services in areas plagued by rampant sexual violence against women and girls.

Additionally, the “Global Gag Rule” leaves at at least 225 million women without access to basic contraceptive care, leading to an estimated 70,000 maternal deaths, 52 million unintended pregnancies, and more than 2.1 million unsafe abortions in the next year alone.

Access to family planning services can help spare at least 8.4 million women from serious illness or injury from unsafe abortion complications. It’s that important.

If every woman who wanted to avoid pregnancy used recommended modern contraceptives and if all pregnant women and newborns received care at the World Health Organization standards, there would be:

  • a 70% reduction in unintended pregnancies
  • a 67% reduction in abortions
  • a 67% reduction in maternal deaths
  • a 77% reduction in newborn deaths
  • virtually no transmission of HIV from mothers to newborns

This would be an estimated $120 return on investment for every $1 spent.

#SheDecides Because #SheKnowsBest

How we’re changing lives:

  • Addressing barriers to reproductive healthcare through
  • Helping marginalized women access family planning counseling, contraceptives, and sexual health services through
  • Advancing the rights of women and girls through the International Women’s Health Coalition
  • Supporting rehabilitation facilities that help women overcome drug addition through Together Rising