565243-our-story-pic-31.pngChange for Women is a collective that was established to celebrate and embolden the lives of women and girls.

Why? Because studies show empowering women is the clearest path to influencing real change on a global scale.

We’re a legion of creative leaders spanning multiple industries propelled into action and standing together with one simple quest: to make a difference in the world by supporting health, human rights, and equality for women and girls everywhere.


What We Do #ForHer, We Do #ForAll.

We collectively fund and support the riveting work of our local and global non-profit partners who serve with fearless determination to end gender inequality and ensure opportunity and access for all.

Together, we can embody the change for women our world so desperately needs.

We know we are #strongertogether than we are apart. We invite you to join us as we lovingly link arms to create a world where every human can reach their highest potential and pave the way to a more peaceful world.

Change for Women: Issues That Matter

We stand together to help women and girls access every opportunity to live with safety, health, dignity, and happiness.


Hundreds of millions of girls around the world are not in school due to hardships and cultural expectations about a woman’s worth.
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We’re working to create a world where women and girls can live without the fear of discrimination and violence.
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We believe every person is entitled to make informed decisions about their body, their health, and their life.
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Every being is entitled to a healthy start in life, and access to a healthy mother is every child’s best opportunity to reach their fullest potential.
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Breast milk is essential for optimal nourishment and development yet cultural and economic barriers still make it difficult for many women to breastfeed.
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We’re working to ensure every woman can earn a living and make a difference in her family, community, and country.
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