We collectively fund and support the compelling work of these local and global non-profit partners who devote their non-stop energy and attention to bringing change for women and girls everywhere.


PERIOD. is a leading menstrual movement whose mission is to celebrate periods and provide products to those in need. They are a group of young activists across the U.S. united by the belief that menstrual care is a basic right. They not only provide period products for those in need, but they also advocate to repeal the tampon tax and lobby for the availability of menstrual products in public places.

I Am That Girl

I Am That Girl is a non-profit organization that provides leadership and social and personal development programming to girls in high school and college throughout the U.S. They help girls to transform self-doubt into self-love by providing a safe space to connect and have honest conversations about things that matter. They are shifting girl culture and raising the standards for how girls treat themselves, each other, and the world.


 ProtectHer is revolutionizing education around sexual assault prevention. They provide education and programming to help college male athletes discover what manhood really means to them and how to prevent sexual harassment, and resources to help them build self-confidence when dealing with unpleasant situations involving the mistreatment of women. ProtectHer is a movement and a proposition to make sure there are fewer people stating #metoo.

Nursing Mothers Counsel

The mission of Nursing Mothers Counsel is to honor the personal breastfeeding goals of Western mothers with free, one-on-one assistance, empowerment, and education. Nursing Mothers Counsel is committed to offering help to mothers seven days a week and supporting every nursing mother throughout her breastfeeding experience.